World’s Most Famous Wind Chimes

Published: 19th October 2011
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This is a list and description of the most famous wind chimes on the planet. From the largest tuned to the most expensive wind chimes. Some of these unique pieces are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and have taken many years to design, build, tune and erect.
The World’s Largest Tuned Musical Wind Chime
Erected by one of the most famous wind chime artists it hands of a 30m high oak tree in the parking area of Celestial Windz Harmonic Bizaar, south of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The artist Ranaga Farbiarz had dedicated the piece to his late father, Ignatz Farbiarz, a Holocaust Survivor.
The deepest toned tube is 20 feet (6.1 m) long and is reported to sound like a combination "Cathedral Bell and Tibetan Singing Bowl". The shortest is 14 feet (4.3 m) and has a rich Cathedral like sound. The overall length of the chime is 35 feet 10 inches (10.92 m), easily beating the previous record of 16 feet 8 inches (5.08 m). You can listen to the sound yourself at
The total weight of the chime is 653 pounds with the musical tubing alone weighing 310 pounds. The 6-foot (1.8 m) by 8-foot (2.4 m) wooden pyramidal shaped top weighs 225 pounds. The centre hung circular wood knocker is 3' 6" in diameter and weighs 64 pounds. A 4-foot (1.2 m) long by 2-foot (0.61 m) wide Celestial Wind Dervish which Ranaga makes out of recycled local and imported woods is used as the wind catcher and weighs 18 pounds. It was given the Guinness world record in February 6th 2006 and remains the largest tuned wind chime to this day.
It is one of the largest to be erected in a public owned park in the world and is expected to create around 10-20 thousand more tourists to the park every year.


The world’s largest wind chime is erected in Cherry Lane Park, North Adams, Michigan, USA in September 2001. It was made by Carl Sumerix and volunteers at the Park. Though it has not been musically tuned it is the largest wind chime measuring 7.06 m (23 ft 2 in) long and consisted of ten metal tubes which were suspended 11.5 m (38 ft) from the ground. Though some large wind chimes have been erected in since 2001 none have been reported to be longer than 7.06m, though several have claimed to be.
Harry is a freelance architect and has been part of the field for the past ten years. Harry is very passionate about his job and has been involved with several different projects including landscape gardening with the use of strange ornaments such as wind chimes. For further information on any of the topics raised in the article please visit The Wind Chime Shop.

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