Washroom Services For Breastfeeding Momís

Published: 02nd February 2012
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It is a big decision to breastfeed you baby rather than bottle feed, in so many ways breastfeeding is the absolute best thing for your baby, nutritionally, emotionally and physically. But, there is a huge but, going out in public with your baby become a very big issue. You are constantly thinking where am I going to feed and change my baby?

This can depend on so many things like how brave you are feeling, most momís feel there is still a stigma against feeding in public. Breastfeeding in public has become slightly more conventional with the invention of discrete top you can use to keep yourself covered up as much as possible and most people wouldnít notice. However things like the weather can also affect breastfeeding, if itís raining or cold you cannot feed the baby outside, you must find an indoor venue. It leaves some fairly bleak decisions like public toilets! Would you eat in there? Certainly not and yet in most places breastfeeding moms are forced to sit on a dirty toilet to feed the baby.

There are some lovely high street shops that do provide nice public toilets as well as good disabled facilities but here are a few that have gone the extra mile and have provided rooms for nursing momís and bottle feeding momís to come sit and take care of their baby whilst out and about.

Some places claim to be baby friendly but have their feeding room doubling up as a changing room, and as most of us donít tend to eat where we use the toilet, why should a baby? Washroom services need to improve for feeding mothers in general and provide a heating unit for bottle feeds and food, decent bins that are checked regularly, comfortable feeding chairs and other chairs for non feeding people and keep the changing units in a separate room, providing a strong clean unit to change on and a place to wash hands.

The three best high street shops for feeding facilities in the UK are as follows: Mothercareís larger store are usually very well facilitated for babies, obviously, but they have a room with heating units and comfortable seats for feeding momís as well as separate clean changing units. M&S are also one of the best stores for washroom services and nursing rooms available for momís looking to feed. John Lewis is another good washroom provider for great comfortable facilities, privacy and feeding friendly rooms.

Some large family oriented entertainment parks will also have feeding rooms as well as changing facilities, but checking first can always be a good way to take the stress out of getting out and about. Plan in advance where you will go for the feed, call them first and ask a staff member about the room in question.

Breastfeeding is a life giving wonderful thing, but it shouldnít take away momís freedom to go out in public and live a normal life. Hopefully these tips will keep momís from stressing about breastfeeding when on the go and encourage a better public service for feeding momís.

Harry is a business consultant and has had the opportunity to work with several different companies. In his career, he has seen the various companies and been employed by a single firm to take care of tasks such as public washroom services. For more information on the topics raised in this article visit City Healthcare.

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