Travelling To London – Make it easy a use a self store locker

Published: 14th February 2012
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Being away from home can be a pain, particularly if you are visiting several places in one town and have a lot of luggage. If only there was a cheap way to unburden yourself from the bother of having to drag several suitcases everywhere you go. There are of course left-luggage services at stations and airports but they charge high prices on a per bag basis. If you've got three bags you'll need to make sure you've got to have plenty of cash and one of those over-inflated bankers salaries. What the rest of us are after is a facility we can reliably leave bags for a price that means we still have money left to really enjoy the city we are in.

In London UK the self storage industry are stepping in with self-storage lockers. They're perfect for students who are in town to learn for a few days, tourists who have things they don’t wish to carry around of value or company employees visiting on business. And of course backpackers and folk on vacation or holiday who are simply looking for a place to bag drop as a base for a wider European tour or to see more of England.

A self storage locker is a safe, secure and self-contained unit in a larger storage centre full of storage units. Lockers sound small but they're nothing like your average Gym locker. You'd be surprised just how much you can fit in. 3 or 4 suitcases should be no problem. And that's where the savings can begin you pay for the space, not the number of bags you need to leave, so you'll pay the same whether you leave two, three or four cases. Add to that (or should we say subtract from that) the fact that a storage locker costs an awful lot less per day than even one item of left-luggage at a mainline station or airport and pretty quickly you're quid's in.

A storage unit can be particularly useful if you are a business, perhaps visiting for a conference or exhibition and need to store your business equipment and material (for example sales brochures or promotional giveaways) ahead of, during and even after the event.

Inevitably all those savings mean there's a trade-off and it comes in the form of a short taxi ride. You'll need to get your baggage to the self storage depot. Plan for it as you arrive though and the minor cost of that bus, tube or taxi fare can save you tens, if not hundreds of pounds during your visit. If its business conference materials you need to store well you can have your courier take it right there.

If one locker is not going to be enough there's good news there too, all reputable self storage companies will offer storage units in a range of sizes. Left luggage lockers tend to be the smallest 'entry level' so you can always go much larger if you need to.

Picking your storage company is mostly common sense. Look for one’s offering special deals. Contact them and ask them to explain the terms and conditions, for example all storage companies will insist you have the appropriate insurance. If they're helpful and friendly to deal with you'll get the best idea of whether you can trust them.

Harry is an internet consultant who now writes on a freelance basis for several companies in the UK. If you are looking for any london self storage units or need any storage solutions for either business or personal use then contact ABC Selfstorage.

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